#30days30posts: The End

It’s been a wonderful time here, writing and participating in the #30days30posts challenge for a record one year and seven months. This is the last post in this series and I am happy I took part. Without any expectations going into the challenge, I am not entirely sure what the outcomes were. I am not a fan of trends, challenges, etc, so I will not be doing something remotely like this anytime in the near future. At times this experience bordered on a perverse illustration of groupthink and that not only made me uncomfortable but also just messed with my strong independent-minded streak.

The #30days30posts challenge was meant to be a symbolic welcome to the third decade of my life. In this time, I have lost a couple of friends I once considered close. I have made mistake after mistake and really, I realized I wasn’t ready to be 30, let alone living in this third decade. At least that’s what I think. I learned that life is what you make it. I came into my thirties, prepared to live by the maxim, “Life is for the living.” but what I’ve lived by and ended up believing is, “Live your Life.” I came into my thirsty thirties open to every experience.

Then along came Lesson #1: “Don’t be so thirsty for every opportunity, that you drink from every cup handed to you. That’s how you get poisoned.”

Not every opportunity is meant to be pursued

I have always been self-determinant, self-aware, self-ish. Yes, I am always the first to admit my more inward-looking and inward caring personality trait. I barely have any space left to care about others. While that may seem like a pretty hard thing to digest, I am not going to be apologetic. It may be hard to digest but it’s one thing I have always known to be deeply true about who I am. My autocorrect seems to know it too. So on a sub-conscious level, I am all about myself. You call it conceit and arrogance; I call it self-preservation in a world where a lot can and will go wrong for a relatively young, creative, strong-willed woman. While most of my friends, got some gibberish from tapping the middle button on their editor, I got the gem below. If it doesn’t work, I’m gone. Gone Girl.

Here goes the last and only lesson, I have learned from this exercise. Love yourself so selfishly, everyone else is dead to you because when you go, you will remain a beautiful memory in the minds of the living. Memories fade, love is forgotten so live for you. Do you. Live your life.

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